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Slow down, get down Mix by passEnger

First mix of 2011, some stuff I love from african disco classics to ’70s re-edits, from deep disco/house hybrids to detroit-ish house music.
Closing the set with an Omar-S classic, and waiting for February 25th when me and xluve will play live along him and NWAQ at Bleep43, London!


passEnger – Go slow get down Mix by passEnger on Soundcloud

FREE DOWNLOAD by clicking the small arrow on the right of the player.

/// Tracklist

01. Unknown Artist – Get Together
02. Geraldo Pino – African Hustle
03. Christy Essien – You Can’t Change A Man
04.  Jackey Beavers – Mr. Bump Man (Theo Parrish Re-Edit)
05. Unknown Artist – Wishing Love (LTJ Rework Edit)
06.  Brass Construction – Walkin’ The Line (Riccio Edit)
07. Theo Parrish – Stop Bajon (T.P. Translation)
08.  Man Friday – Love Honey, Love Heartache
09. 6th Borough Project – Hang On
10.  NI – Where Is The Compassion
11.  Eddie Fowlkes – Reach Your Soul
12.  Quike – Black Skin
13.  Soundstream – Dance With Me
14.  Omar-S – U

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Here is the second part of the JMM03 podcast by Italian dj, label manager and producer Francesco Stella.
Francesco is the man behind the deep/dub Techno label Eclipse Music, our latest JMM night (#03, here more details) was dedicated to its artists.

We asked Francesco to show us his influences behind the sonic territories of Eclipsemusic. A comment on each track of this podcast is available in italian here.

Francesco Stella – JMM Podcast (part 2)

Download: Francesco Stella – JMM03 Podcast – part 2 (right click + ‘download linked file as…’)

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This is the first part of the JMM03 Podcast by italian producer Francesco Stella.
Francesco is the man behind the italian label Eclipse Music the very special guest hosted for the upcoming JMM03 night (here more details). We asked Francesco to show us his influences behind the sonic territories of Eclipsemusic. A comment on each track of this podcast is available in italian here.

Francesco Stella – JMM Podcast (part 1)

Download: Francesco Stella – JMM Podcast (parte 1) (click con il destro + ‘salva come’)

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“The Sun” Mix by passEnger

I always found out that there are some minor themes in music, which lead musicians to really express something personal and powerful thru music.
Of course major themes like ‘love’, ‘loneliness’, ‘rage’ and so on are quite standardized and predictable in the way they are expressed.  Some others, a little less common in music, like (the first that comes to my mind) ‘future’, ‘travelling’, and in this case, ‘sun’, are anyway so powerful and specific that the musicians are often “more” challenged to fully express sonically what they perceive from the theme itself.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way the ‘sun’ leads musicians to create warm, suffused, kaleidoscope-like melodies and shining, translucent and psychedelic atmospheres.

So finally I decided to pick the most inspiring sun-related tracks to do a kind of podcast. It is ideally divided into three part: at first, the tracks with most direct relation to it (kind of a morning/rising section) then the “psychedelic/opalescent” section, and finally a more dark/introspective/spacey section that leads to a peaceful conclusion.

Hope you like the work, catch the feeling and of course enjoy the music.

passEnger – The Sun Mix by passEnger

Free Download by clicking the small arrow on the right of the player.

/// Tracklist:

01.  Herbie Hancock – Sun Touch
02.  DJ Rels – Sunrise
03.  The Politik – Black Sun
04.  Linkwood – Hear The Sun
05.  Caribou – Sun (Jazzy Gentle Solare Mix)
06.  Ulrich Schnauss – Sunday Evening In Your Street
07.  Boards of Canada – Hey Saturday Sun
08.  Ashra – Sunrain
09.  Sinner DC – Sunrized
10.  Annie Hall – Sunday Reflections
11.  Edanticonf – A Night With The Sun
12.  Junior Boys – Under The Sun
13.  Erell Ranson – When The Sun Lies Down
14.  Reggie Dokes & The Kuumba Project – Black Sun
15.  Aroy Dee – Sun
16.  154 – Sun
17.  Soultek – Sunny Day In Montego Bay
18.  Ras G – Sun Behind The Clouds (skit)
19.  Theo Parrish – Suns Of Osiris

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Annie Hall @ Sonar 2010

Previous guest here at the first Just Music Makers night, Annie Hall has just come back from Sonar Festival, where she was invited to dj at the SonarVillage.

She dropped a moody and forward thinking selection, ranging from ambient soundscapes to crunchy beats, from classic hip hop to obscure abstract jams… Check it out!

Download the whole set: Annie Hall | Sonar 2010

01. Shed – Waved Mind
02. 33 A3 – Hverfandi
03. 33 A3 – Paeling
04. Adam Johnson – Trinity
05. Industruct – Autophonic
06. Flying Lotus – Brainfeeder
07. Nobody Present Blank Blue (Flying Lotus Remix)
08. Vesna – Rack Mode
09. Rekordah – Candy Flossin´
10. Paul White – Ge´Em Up
11. Harmonic 313 – Koln
12. Herald Of Change – Alone
13. Shlohmo – Spoons (Shigeto Remix)
14. Waajeed – Make Doe
15. Harmonic 313 – Word Probems
16. J Dilla – Running
17. Flying Lotus – Maybe He Aint Lying
18. Hudson Mohawke – Just Decided (Feat Olivier Daysoul)
19. Starkey – Ok Luv
20. Check One – Random
21. Ikonika – Yoshimitshu
22. Scuba – Three Sided Shape
23. Fuer.Steps – Lunar Dust
24. Breakage Feat Burial – Vial
25. Starkey Feat Anneka – Stars
26. Shed – Ithaw
27. Roof Lights – Radiance

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New dj mix up on my Cratedigga page.

I’ve been diggin a lot lately, getting some Boogie and Electro-funk records, a sound I really love.
At the beginning of the ’80s, when disco music decline was already on, a new bunch of post-disco sub-genres were growing up.
Boogie, Disco Funk, Electro-funk, were taking some elements off the ’70′s disco blueprint and re-shaping them by adding the first commercially available (and affordable) synthesizers and drum machines.
This blend of mid-tempos, funky fat basslines, electronic elements and soulful voices seemed to go in a completely different direction, compared to the development of Italo Disco, with its exasperation of the electronic elements. Boogie will later further develop into early Electro and Hip Hop. And, together with Italo, P-Funk and New Wave, Boogie will have a strong influence in shaping what was called, some years later in Detroit, Techno.

Back to topic, Peoples Potential Unlimited is a label that is doing a particularly good job today, by reissuing lost treasures from that era, usually built around local scenes and documented by small and already disappeared labels. I made a kind of mix/podcast to showcase some releases I like from their still small but interesting and various catalogue.

Download it and enjoy!

Peoples Potential Unlimited Mix
by passEnger


01. Ball Players – American Worker
02. The Midnight Express Show Band – Breeze Up
03. Bozeman & Roberts – Grandma
04. The Midnight Express Show Band – Danger Zone
05. The Pinch – Shot Out
06. Bozeman & Roberts – Working Mama
07. Glass Pyramid – Better By The Minute
08. The Midnight Express Show Band – Danger Zone Demo
09. Glass Pyramid – Country Cowboy (Instrumental)
10. Jim Bennet – Hold That Groove
11. The Midnight Express Show Band – Receiving End

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“Cosmic Probe” DJ Mix by passEnger

I’ve just uploaded a new dj mix on my Cratedigga blog.

It featuring some cosmic/weird soundscapes, abstract technoid tracks and spacey disco/house tunes.
I wanted to create a kind of narration with a loose flow, touching different styles but keeping a tight aesthetic and atmosphere thru the whole mix…

You can download it by clicking the arrow on the player.

passEnger – Cosmic Probe – DJ Mix by passEnger


01. Roswell Return – A Goldbach Vibe (Clean Cut Remix) – [Syncom Data]
02. Vaghe Stelle – Ciclo 1 – [Margot Records]
03. Convextion – Stiletto Caress (For Yvette) – [Down Low Music]
04. Newworldaquarium – The Twenty – [Delsin]
05. Theo Parrish – Space Station – [Sound Signature]
06. Time Light Curve – Multipole Vector – [AW-Recordings]
07. CRC – Vaskitsaherra (E.R.P. Remix) – [Métisse]
08. François K. – Time & Space – [Wave] // BFC – Evolution – [Transmat]
10. BFC – Galaxy – [Transmat]
11. Octave One – Track 3 – [430 West]
12. Roswell Return – Probe 5 – [Syncom Data]
13. Raw Silk – Just In Time And Space (Dub) – [West End]
14. Nebraska – Return Of Light – [Down Low Music]

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Cratedigga ///

Here’s a blog I started some time ago, to share some dj mixes I do from time to time.
Usually made with ten tracks, sometimes following a common/personal theme, sometimes just out of inspiration.
…and always out of vinyl.

Check out the last entry:

passEnger – As We Travel – DJ Mix by passEnger

And here’s the full blog, usually with a short explanation and tracklisting:

Cratedigga ///

Of course you can download them by clicking on the small arrow on the right.

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