“The Sun” Mix by passEnger

I always found out that there are some minor themes in music, which lead musicians to really express something personal and powerful thru music.
Of course major themes like ‘love’, ‘loneliness’, ‘rage’ and so on are quite standardized and predictable in the way they are expressed.  Some others, a little less common in music, like (the first that comes to my mind) ‘future’, ‘travelling’, and in this case, ‘sun’, are anyway so powerful and specific that the musicians are often “more” challenged to fully express sonically what they perceive from the theme itself.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way the ‘sun’ leads musicians to create warm, suffused, kaleidoscope-like melodies and shining, translucent and psychedelic atmospheres.

So finally I decided to pick the most inspiring sun-related tracks to do a kind of podcast. It is ideally divided into three part: at first, the tracks with most direct relation to it (kind of a morning/rising section) then the “psychedelic/opalescent” section, and finally a more dark/introspective/spacey section that leads to a peaceful conclusion.

Hope you like the work, catch the feeling and of course enjoy the music.

passEnger – The Sun Mix by passEnger

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/// Tracklist:

01.  Herbie Hancock – Sun Touch
02.  DJ Rels – Sunrise
03.  The Politik – Black Sun
04.  Linkwood – Hear The Sun
05.  Caribou – Sun (Jazzy Gentle Solare Mix)
06.  Ulrich Schnauss – Sunday Evening In Your Street
07.  Boards of Canada – Hey Saturday Sun
08.  Ashra – Sunrain
09.  Sinner DC – Sunrized
10.  Annie Hall – Sunday Reflections
11.  Edanticonf – A Night With The Sun
12.  Junior Boys – Under The Sun
13.  Erell Ranson – When The Sun Lies Down
14.  Reggie Dokes & The Kuumba Project – Black Sun
15.  Aroy Dee – Sun
16.  154 – Sun
17.  Soultek – Sunny Day In Montego Bay
18.  Ras G – Sun Behind The Clouds (skit)
19.  Theo Parrish – Suns Of Osiris

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