Just Music Makers: a (different) night in a club

So, finally here we are!

A new season for us is beginning.

We have always been interested in Live Electronic Music and the way people approach to it. During the years we have organized different club nights, happenings, listening parties and so on, in order to explore the possibilities of doing live music with electronic instruments.

In the beginning it was the “IN MY ROOM” concept, where we pushed our sound, sometimes even in a surround environment, in connection with live video manipulation, thanks our friend Roberto/Headvision.

Then the “GOOD:LIFE” series of club parties came, it was more focused on dj/live performances, hosting friends and musicians from our country (Noego, Ksoul, Alexxei’n'Nig) and from abroad (Tiny from Dresden).

In 2008/2009 we hosted the “WE ARE JUST MUSIC MAKERS” listening parties.
We invited live-only electronic artists to share with people their musical universe (not caring about musical accessibility or dancing needs), to show the machines they use, to interact with the people attending.

We had live sets from Davem, The Pure, Binary/Eniac, Slowset.

In 2009/2010 we want to follow the path traced.
We dropped “We Are”, and now here’s, simply, “Just Music Makers”.

The formula is still a simple but genuine one.
We invite 2 or 3 artists to play live at our party, and we let them the freedom to showcase their sound.
We want to break the established rule of doing either straight dance music or un-groovy listening music, by choosing special artist we love and respect for their personal visions and ideas.

The first party of the new season will take place soon.

Hope to see you there!

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