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The first Just Music Makers session (November 25th, @ sPAZIO211, Turin, Italy) went pretty well, thanks to all those who attended and supported our efforts!

The invited artists have largely met expectations, and people really heard something more different and challenging than the usual.
Here are the links to download the recorded sets (right click + save as).

/// Annie Hall
Download: Annie Hall | Live @ JMM
From Madrid, Annie Hall demonstrated to have a sound ready for the forefront of electronic music. Precise, elegant, melodic, but with uncompromising beats and basslines. Worthy heir of Detroit electro, she showed also innovative and forward thinking soundscapes.
A new EP is just out on Semantica, and she’s currently working on new projects.
You can find her discography here: Annie Hall | Discogs
and her myspace here: Annie Hall | Myspace

Annie Hall

/// Vaghe Stelle
Download: Vaghe Stelle | Live @ JMM
A deep, personal and uncompromising live set. Surely a sound that looks to the future, able to shape alien atmospheres, but with human presence. Vaghe Stelle is another one to look for, in the future.
In the meantime his first digital release “Cicli 1 EP” has just come out on Margot Records. Look for it on the best online stores (Beatport, Junodownload, etc.).
Vaghe Stelle | Myspace

Vaghe Stelle

/// passEnger+xluve
Download: passEnger+xluve | Live in the Mix @ JMM
Our set was a hybrid between a dj set and a live one, we have included tracks that inspire us and played synth and drum machine on them, creating a multilayer flow of sound.
passEnger | Myspace
xluve | Myspace


…have nice time listening, let’s comment here for any info request, feedbacks, and so on. Thanks!

/// JMM

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Wednesday, November 25th Annie Hall performed on our Just Music Makers stage, for its Italian debut. 
We’ve asked her to reply to a few questions.. enjoy.


Your sound has clear references to the original Detroit electro sound, with its strong devotion to analogue equipment and its imaginary of technology, machines, space and future. Can you tell us how your interest in this kind of music was born? And which are the artists / records that influenced you most?
My work as a dj begins with the most purist electro, Miami Sound, robotic sounds, etc.. When I discovered the sound of Detroit it was like coming back home, because I found in it all the elements that I love in electronic music, a soul and a great flow. Everything very musical and melodic, with space and futuristic influences. All things that I love, being a lover of astronomy, physics and science since my early age. Then I started to buy Detroit techno and electro records, and they become an essential part of my sound and my luggage. These same things inspire me when I produce my music.
For what concerns my influences, it is very difficult for me to drop a few names only, because my influences are very varied and not only about Detroit. Certainly the labels that never leave my bag are Underground Resistance, Warp, Skam, Clone, Frustated Funk, Detroit Underground … As for the artists, certainly they are more diverse,since I’m not only influenced by electronic artists; to name a few, developing different styles, I would say James Stinson, Gerald Donald, Autechre, Convextion, Aphex Twin, J Dilla, Carl Finlow, Funckarma, Roy Ayers…

Going deeper into technology can you tell us some words about how you make music in your studio? How do you start a song? Which machines or software do you like to use and why?
In the moment I start composing everything depends from my state of mind: in the beginning I never know which path the composition will take.
The point is to find the sound that brings a feeling with it, and from there, in one way or another, begin to work.
At first I used only real machines (synths, drum machines, etc..), all hardware, that’s how I learned. Later I began to incorporate software and work with both at once, because I also like some digital sounds. For example, I really like using Reaktor, a software that allows you to create your own synth sounds and to build more elaborate, more digital sounds, with great strength and great opportunities for experimentation.

annie hall

What about your real-life, what are you doing daily? During the day, which role does the music play for you?
Music plays a major role in my life, in every sense, even in everyday life … I listen to music at all times while working, when I drive, or simply when I lay down on the couch. I listen to all styles of music, not always electronic. My iTunes has so many different styles!
As a matter of fact at home I’m listening to everything and I can get ideas from anything, I think this is something that adds a lot to me as a producer, and helps me to overcome many limitations during the time of creation.


Annie has also given us a recording of a dj sets to download, enjoy!

Download the dj set here.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.


The November issue of our Just Music Makers night will take place on Wednesday the 25th, at this nice club in Turin which is sPAZIO 211.

Line up will include a favorite artist of us: Annie Hall, straight from Madrid, will headline the night with her deep melodic electro. Vaghe Stelle, from our city, will showcase his moody, alien brand of oblique techno, while xluve and me will complete the line up playing some deep detroitish stuff.

All act will perform live sets, expect a journey into the sound you usually don’t hear around.

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So, finally here we are!

A new season for us is beginning.

We have always been interested in Live Electronic Music and the way people approach to it. During the years we have organized different club nights, happenings, listening parties and so on, in order to explore the possibilities of doing live music with electronic instruments.

In the beginning it was the “IN MY ROOM” concept, where we pushed our sound, sometimes even in a surround environment, in connection with live video manipulation, thanks our friend Roberto/Headvision.

Then the “GOOD:LIFE” series of club parties came, it was more focused on dj/live performances, hosting friends and musicians from our country (Noego, Ksoul, Alexxei’n'Nig) and from abroad (Tiny from Dresden).

In 2008/2009 we hosted the “WE ARE JUST MUSIC MAKERS” listening parties.
We invited live-only electronic artists to share with people their musical universe (not caring about musical accessibility or dancing needs), to show the machines they use, to interact with the people attending.

We had live sets from Davem, The Pure, Binary/Eniac, Slowset.

In 2009/2010 we want to follow the path traced.
We dropped “We Are”, and now here’s, simply, “Just Music Makers”.

The formula is still a simple but genuine one.
We invite 2 or 3 artists to play live at our party, and we let them the freedom to showcase their sound.
We want to break the established rule of doing either straight dance music or un-groovy listening music, by choosing special artist we love and respect for their personal visions and ideas.

The first party of the new season will take place soon.

Hope to see you there!

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Just Music Makers is an IDEA.
The idea of going back to the music, to the craftmen who make music thru their instruments, following personal and radical paths.

Just Music Makers
is a WORK SPACE on the WEB,
where music makers and music listeners can spread good music, technical knowledge, opinions and ideas.

Just Music Makers is a PARTY in real CLUBS,
where you can listen to the music makers doing their own thing, talk with them about how they work, what they want to achieve with their music, and what they feel doing that.

Here’s Just Music Makers.
Welcome aboard!

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